About Us

A Message From Trevor

 Culture Fresh was started out of God's Divine Purpose for my life, and a passion for designing and painting these Vibrant Colored Graphic Artwork. A vision which became increasingly stronger, and motivated me to open Culture Fresh (CultureFresh), which has it's own unique Logo, Original Vibrant Graphic Paintings and a Clothing Line. Culture Fresh represents all people of diverse cultures as represented in our multicolored scheme of the Logo.

I am Trevor Dawkins the founder of Culture Fresh. I started producing Vibrant Graphic Paintings in 1978 (42 years ago) in Kitchener, Ontario. People who have viewed or acquire my paintings have shared with me their feelings upliftment my artwork have brought to their lives. My Graphic Designs were featured at a Major Exhibition at Mercer Union Gallery March to April 1991 and viewed at many other community venues over the years.

CultureFresh was started June 2017 in Toronto, Canada. At CultureFresh, we have made an efforts to bring positive inspiration to our Canadian and International community. We look forward to being a Household Name Brand in Canada and Internationally. We are excited to bring our unique Vibrant Graphic Paintings and Clothing Line to the public via Shopify.   

Look back at Trevors exhibition at Mercer Union in 1991